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Rates & Services

My rates are reasonable for the customized care I give your pet and home. They are not the most inexpensive; however your pets are taken care of individually – I don't gang walk and let 'em run loose in a park where they can get injured by other animals. And if your pet is a little rowdy on our walks, I am always happy to do a little extra and work on their "walking nice" on a leash. I understand and can handle most behavior problems and am happy to help show you how to have a better relationship with your dog.

Private, in-home obedience and/or behavior training on the San Mateo peninsula in the bay area of Northern California is $150.00 for the first consultation that lasts 2-3 hours. I leave you with instructions to use when working with your own dog. I find basic training often involves evaluating and modifying behavior, both with the dog and the human doing the work. 

Private sessions are for a minimum of an hour at a time. There is no minimum number of sessions required. I address what you want to cover. The first consultation will give us an idea of how many one-hour sessions you might need. With some simple behavior issues, I may be able to give you all the "tools" you need in that first session to resolve the problem and continue working on your own. I do not offer "package" pricing for a certain number of meetings since each dog and owner are individuals and there is no way to know exactly how long it may take to resolve an issue. Additional charges for distances over 10 miles. I am available for telephone consultations after our first training session.

Week-day Services

Does your pet need to be walked during the day while you're at work? Do you have long hours? Do you have a new puppy that needs consistent relief breaks to help it keep it's house-training?

Mid-day visits are a great way to provide additional attention your pet needs and deserves. After each visit, I can email, call or leave you a note updating you on activity or progress. I only provide one-on-one pet services I don't group your dog with other dogs and let them run loose in a park.

Dog Walks: 1 dog 30 – 45 min walk, add a second dog $10, if they can be walked together otherwise there is a separate charge for each dog walk.

Puppy Walks - $35: A 30-45 minute Private walk in your neighborhood – Private walks offer one-on-one attention for your dog or young puppy including basic obedience training like loose leash walking. Daily walking service includes a fresh water change and feeding. if requested. I also offer 1/2 day visits with me that includes socializing in different public places, riding nice in a car, and obedience work at our destination.

1/2 Day Socializing Trips- $65 -- This service allows your dog to explore other areas for that all impportant bordom relief. I include safe transportation, leash walks, obedience training or whatever you want me to work on. Plus your puppy/dog will meet and greet different people, things and other dogs in a safe social manner. If your dog has "issues" I can help work with you to find a way that helps your puppy/dog learn to enjoy different things/places in your area.

Potty Breaks Only: 30-minute visit, Monday-Friday– $35
Cats & other pet Visits – $35 for the first 2 cats, add $10 for each additional litter box.

We also take care of your rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and geckos – please no other reptiles.  Fees depend on work and time required

We take care of giving your pets (dogs & cats medications -- this is on a case-by-case basis).

Pet Taxi
: pick up and drop off in designated service areas to vet or groomer or wherever, $35 each way for up to 2 pets

Key pickup or return: if you're not on my "ready-key" system – $25
Supply trips – if your pet runs out of food or other supplies, a minimum fee of $15 for the errand run plus costs will be charged.

Overnight care:

  • $125 per night
  • Holiday nights $150

About Weekends:
If I’m not booked with you for overnights, I don’t usually do weekend walks as that’s my time to be with my own dogs and family. It’s also the time I do my artwork, working on photographs or hand-bound books.



PDF Forms to be Filled out:

Client Profile Form
Vet Release Form
Insurance/Bond - 2016-17

Pet-House Sitting

Free introductory meeting at your home: If you engage my services, I can leave your pet a "sock baby" toy so that they can remember my scent and not feel frightened when I arrive.

  • Lots of attention, petting, brushing and playing
  • Fresh food and water – all bowls cleaned after each meal
  • Walking or favorite exercise
  • Medications administered
  • Scoop Maintenance: cleanup after your pets, cleaning of litter boxes, and cages
  • Water plants indoor and out (outdoor watering if on sprinkler system) – a greenhouse is extra charge
  • Packages can be delivered and picked up
  • Service calls can be scheduled
  • Collect newspapers, mail, UPS and bring them inside daily
  • Set out and bring in trash and recycle cans
  • Alternate lights and window treatments to make your home looks more active.
  • A daily note is left for you to read upon your return so that you know what your pet(s) has been doing each day.
  • Receive deliveries if requested (additional charge applies to deliveries made outside of routine sitting hours)
  • Medications administered as requested either by pill or injection

A typical overnight routine goes something like this: Upon arrival between 5-7 pm, I take your pet for a good 30-min walk. When we get home, your pet is allowed to rest for 30 minutes before I give them dinner. I wait another hour to take them for another mini walk so that they can relieve themselves. They are also allowed another quick tour around the yard about 9pm for a final night potty break before we all go to bed.
Doggy dishes are washed after each meal, and pets are given petting, brushing or a massage before bedtime. In the morning, they get their breakfast, I have mine, then we go for another 30-min walk so they can relieve themselves. I leave your home between 8-9 am.

We do offer in-home pet sitting service on a 24- hour basis where someone is with your pet all day and evening with only short 1-2 hour breaks for the person to run an errand. This service needs a reservation at least a week prior to the dates required. This is at a higher fee depending on age of puppy/dog and requirements.

There will be an extra change for special care, cleanup, and time required for sick and/or invalid pets. Rate depends on care required.
All schedules are individually customized to follow your pet's regular routine so that they are comfortable while you're away. Pets like a consistent schedule and your dog/cat will keep the same sport in the schedule the entire time you are away. Just let us know your pet's preferred times for meals, walks, etc. Refunds less the deposit are provided with a 7-day written notice (email is acceptable). However last minute cancellations will be refunded on a pro-rated basis based on whether or not I can rebook your time with another client. Time commitments are a 2-way street and as I am usually booked 15-30 days ahead, I send other requests to other pet sitters.

During the winter months and rain, we will try to provide the same type and length of exercise as the weather and light permit. It may not always be possible during inclement weather conditions.

Ready-Key System

If you travel frequently and like using my services, I offer to make a duplicate of the key(s) needed for your home and keep them in a safe place in my office. There is no need for numerous trips back and forth to your house to pickup and return keys. This saves me time and you money and allows you to make reservations at the last minute.

Please visit our policies page for more information