Pet Photography
by Fred Roessler &
Donnasue Jacobi


(Frequently Asked Questions)


What services does Just Like Home provide?

First is a complimentary introductory meeting at your home to get to know your pets, and find out how you do things, where supplies are kept, etc.

  • Lots of attention, pets and playing
  • Fresh food and water — all bowls cleaned daily
  • Walking or favorite exercise
  • Cleanup after your pets, cleaning of litter boxes
  • Bringing in the mail and papers
  • Water house plants (outdoor watering is an additional fee)
  • Set out and bring in trash cans

Midday visits are a great way to provide additional attention your pet needs and deserves. After each visit, I can email, leave a note, or call you for an update on activity or progress. I provide one-on-one pet services.
I don’t group your dog with other dogs to let them run loose in some park.
Yours is an exclusive arrangement.

  • Dog Walking
  • Potty Breaks
  • Puppy Visits
  • Cat Visits
  • Pet Taxi – pick up and deliver round-trip to vet or groomer
  • Private puppy mini-seminars are available for those who have never had a new young puppy, or those folks who forgot what a young puppy needs to learn. These are fun for you and your puppy!


What kind of insurance?

I am fully insured and bonded by Pet Sitters International, #1042977449. The coverage offered to us by PSI, LLC, is quite extensive and is much broader than most bonds as bonds cover only dishonest acts. My insurance provides $10,000 per occurrence for accidental breakage, mysterious disappearance, or theft of our client’s property while under my supervision; $10,000 per occurrence for loss of pets in my care; $100,000 Fire Damage; and $1,000 Lost Key Coverage. In the extremely unlikely event that something should happen to your key, this insurance will pay to rekey your locks. Proof of insurance available upon engagement.



What kinds of products do we use?

I practice positive training and reinforcement methods. For dogs who are aggressive, pullers, or hard to control while on walks, I use either a nylon slip collar a prong collar. There is a lot of false information about prong collars and the fact is, they are a very safe, sturdy type of training collar and do not inflict pain if used properly. A prong collar is very much like the remote control to your TV. If used properly, very little pressure is needed to get your dog’s attention. I also use 6-foot leather leashes. I do not use flexi leashes as I consider these to be unsafe.

I carry a doggy bag loaded with treats during walks, as well as another for relief pickup. My treats are usually “Charlie Bears” or “tiny milk bones” or lamb & rice” doggie jerky” as most dogs like them. However, I will use other products or whatever you prefer for your own dogs – just let me know. Other treats may include Mozzarella cheese, Natural Balance rolls (chicken & rice, or lamb & rice).

I do not sell anyone’s products — I do have my preferences of equipment and food and am happy to talk to you if you have questions. I feed my own pets high quality food and add vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese and sometimes leftover soup broth.


Do I do doggy day care?

Most of my services are done in your own home. However, I can offer care in my home for young puppies (up to 6 months of age) who need constant supervision and lots of puppy potty breaks and training, but only one at a time. An interview is required for this service and the puppy must be current on all vaccinations and be crate trained.

If you need boarding information, I do have a couple of resources listed under the “resources” section of this site.


Do you have references?

Yes, just contact me and I will be happy to provide references.